Allusive™ 2.2m ARF (EFL4925)


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Allusive™ 2.2m ARF (EFL4925)

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Material: Balsa and fiberglass
Wingspan: 87.5 in (2.20m)
Length: 43.0 in (1.10m)
Wing Area: 546 sq in (35.2 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 48 oz (1.40kg)
Motor Size: Power 15
Recommended Motor Battery: 3S Li-Po
Airfoil Shape: S3021
Minimum Required Radio: 4+ channel with v-tail mixing
Servos: 2 wing servos, 2 mini servos
CG (Center of Gravity): 65mm 2.5"
Wing Loading: 12.7 oz
Propeller Size: 12 x 8
Spinner Size: 40mm 2.5"
Minimum Speed Control: 40A
Recommended Fuel: Electric
Flaps: No
Approximate Assembly Time: 3–5 Hours